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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 24, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. from this first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. hello. i'm andrea roane. jc hayward is off today. a developing story from prince georges county and the district tops the noon news. the search is underway for a carjacking suspect. police say he was among a group that stole a car. they fled to the district where they exchanged fire with police. no one was hurt. two people are in custody this afternoon. the manhunt continues, though, for a third suspect in southeast dc and prince georges county. howard county police are
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crediting the immediatey -- media with helping them catch the so-called prepty burglar. a man with a tie was burglarizing a house in the town of highland. someone saw pictures, recognized him afternoon called police. jeremy hall was picked up at his home in silver spring and he is charged with burglary and theft among other things. the tipster will receive a $500 reward. authorities surrounded a bank in coral gables, florida after a man walked in claiming to have a bomb. police say this is a hostage situation. the scene is located at a bank of america. officials shut down both directions of u.s. 1 and students at nearby university of maryland have received notice of university of miami -- university of miami and have received notice of the hostage situation. a commuter alert now in virginia. state police are on the scene of a serious multicar crash on eastbound i-66.
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officials tell 9 news now all lanes of eastbound i-66 have been shut down after a collision involving at least three vehicles prior to the roosevelt bridge. we are just getting in good news from these motorists. it may not look like it on this shot but parts of the lane are open and some traffic is getting through in the area. fire officials say initial 918 calls indicated the motorist that caused the crash may have suffered an emergency. several victims were transported from the scene. again, some of the lanes of eastbound 66 have reopened but traffic will be delayed for a while there. firefighters are keeping an eye on the burning rubble of what used to be two homes in northern virginia. still winds helped to spread the flames among several houses in manassas near summer lake. kristin fisher has the latest. >> reporter: kathy kennedy can't fight back the tears as
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she looks at what is left of her home, one day after the fire. >> it was huge. i have never seen something so big. there were ten, 20 feet above the top of the roof line. >> reporter: kathy's house is one of three homes badly damaged in the fire. two more were destroyed. neighbors stood around on friday morning, stunned. >> it was major. i mean reminded you like california when you see the forest fires. >> i started to cry when i saw this. i couldn't believe this was happening. that a fire blew out so fast. >> reporter: now part of the reason the fire spread so quickly is because many of the homes in this neighborhood are packed in very close together. in fact, in some places, if you stretch your arms out, you can almost touch two homes at once. >> the rate of flames spread in homes when they are this close is a concern to us, and we attempt to provide coverage as best we can. unfortunately, when you look at the lightweight construction it does present a unique challenge
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for us. >> reporter: for many living in the manassas neighborhood they say the fire was a wakeup call. >> it is a carry thought. -- scary thought. i'm worried if it happens again in the neighborhood. >> kathy isn't worried about the next time. she is worried what to do this time. >> what do i do next? i don't know. >> reporter: in manassas, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> manassas firefighters say they are investigating the cause of the blaze. jury deliberations are underway in the trial of an accused drunk driver charged with killing l.a. angels pitcher nick adenhart. he died after a collision with andrew gallo in fullerton, california. the april 2009 crash killed two of his friends. gallo is charged with murder because he had a previous dui conviction. prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit at the time of the crash. wearing bright red,
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remember members against m.a.d.d. are celebrating the anniversary. they marked the occasional the capitol. the last three decades mothers against drunk driving says it saved 300,000 lives but they say drunk driving is still a problem and is calling on congress to fund technology that prevents drivers from operating their vehicles if their blood alcohol content is over the legal limit. this is child passenger safety week. the federal government is using the occasion tone courage the proper use of child and booster seats for young people. >> any emt, policemen or firemen will tell you a properly installed child safety seat could make the difference between life and death. we also know that despite the best intentions, nearly three of four safety seats are not used properly. >> reporter: tomorrow is seat check saturday. thousands of experts will be on
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hand at stations around the region to help determine whether your child's safety seat is properly secured and it's free. we have a link on our website at click on 9 news extras to find the closest inspection station to you. and you can help to save a life and score redskins tickets at the same time. the team is holding a blood drive. it's next friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the holiday inn at 550 c street in southwest. all donors will get one ticket to an upcoming redskins game. you need to make an appointment. so check out the landover page on the where you live section at find your community in our where you live section and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. got a story or a news tip? we want to hear from you. contact us and be part of the team. still ahead, on 9 news now, actress lindsay lohan has failed drug tests and another
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scheduled court appearance. we will have the latest. i hope my star power can bump the hearing all the way up to c-span 1. >> stephen colbert shares his one day experience of being a -- with members of congress.
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eddie fisher is being remembered today. his career was overshadowed by
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his marriages to debbie reynolds and elizabeth taylor. his daughter says he died from complications from hip surgery. he divorced reynolds in 1959 to marry elizabeth taylor who later divorced him for richard burton. >> i feel badly when anyone passes on. so naturally my children are very upset that eddie had to pass on. but he wasn't well at all. the last years have not been kind. so, now he's in a nice place. god has taken him on to another place where he will be happier. >> reporter: when fisher married debbie reynolds in 1955 they were tout touted as america's favorite couple. their daughter carrie fisher became a star herself known for the star wars film. part funny and part odd
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stephen colbert's appearance on captiol hill. he was invited to speak before a committee examining the use of immigrant workers but because of the media attention, representative conyers asked him to leave the room. >> i'm here at the invitation of the chairwoman and if she would like me to remove myself from the hearing i'm i'm happy to do so. i'm only hear at they are invitation. >> that's fair enough. >> the mood was lighter when colbert gave his opening statements. >> for one thing when you are picking beans you have to spend all day bend binding over an it turns out, and i didn't know in, most soil is at ground level. if we can put a man on the moon, why can't we make the earth waist high. come on. where's the funding? >> he testified that migrant farm workers suffer and have
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little rights. lindsay lohan is facing a judge for the first time since failing a drug test. >> the troubled actress came back to court to face a new judge about a familiar problem. last weekend, lohan admitted on twit cher failed they are march da tour drug test saying this was certainly a setback for me but i'm taking responsibility for my actions and i'm prepared to face the consequences. it was a month ago in this very same courthouse that a judge decided to release lohan from rehab early. she spent just 23 days in a 90- day treatment program. but she was supposed to stick to strict sober living policies. before her rehab she sent 14 days of a 90 destains in jail for a probation violation in a drug arrest. lohan was hoping to get her career back on track, starring
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in a new movie about linda lovelace but her troubles may have cost her that opportunity. cbs news, beverly hills. >> we just received word that the judge sentenced her back to jail. a sheriffs department spokesman said they would be ready for her if needed and apparently it is needed. no bail in this case. still to come on 9 news now, parts of the midwest are devastating by flooding. we will have a full report. it is sizzling in some parts of the region. we will look at the temperatures and the heat index. and some rain chances could be going up in the seven-day forecast. a lot to talk about as we head to the weekend. we will look at the allergy update on the way to work. everything is in the low category. see you in a couple of minutes. stick around.
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welcome back. people in the midwest are struggling to deal with flooding and more rain is to come. >> basements are knee deep in the floodwaters of wisconsin. in backyards, swing sets are out of commission, while pumps work full time to drain flooded properties. the city of arcadia is 100 miles southeast of minneapolis, and it's taken the brunt. >> a lot of people are -- the volume of water we have seen today and throughout twin. >> floodwaters surged through downtown. driving hundreds from their homes. roads collapsed in to crater and row boats became the best form of transportation. city officials are keeping a
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worried eye on bulging rivers. >> we are trying to plan if the river goes over the banks. right now it is extremely high. >> reporter: minnesota is in a state of emergency also. hundreds evacuated after thunderstorms brought up to five inches of rain. rivers and creeks overflowed their banks. turning backyards and bases in to a flood zone. jett has lived in the area 14 years and says he is used to the weather but this time is different. >> when it gets to a start to worry. this is bad. >> reporter: residents used every break in the weather to try to dry out but another system is expected to move in on saturday. alexis christoforous, cbs news. the national guard is helping residents in some of the hardest hit areas. >> we could use some of that rain. >> a little bit. we have to be careful what we wish for. >> like the folks that don't want the cold weather yet. they are getting their wish right now. >> boy, is it going to make it to a record like 97, 98 or
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whatever what. >> it is a chance at a record breaker today. in the 90s in some areas already. we have a good five hours or so to heat up. get to it. the day at a glance. temperatures at national in the 80s. 92 at 3:00. sometime this afternoon i think we will get to 94, 95. 6:00, still in the low 90s and even 9:00 mid to upper 80s around with mainly clear, maybe a little haze in the sky. these are the records to beat. andrea, you asked. here's your answer, 95 in baltimore. 94 in washington. 92 dulles and 96 martinsburg. thee were set in 1970, 40 years ago. tonight the front is coming out west. could be a shower in the mountains. otherwise partly cloudy, mid- 60s to low 70s. 7:02 on the sunset and saturday is the beginning of the cool down.
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partly to mostly sunny. a stray shower threat in the afternoon as the front passes us. around 85. west winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. right now annapolis is only 78. they have a bay breeze going on and 93 in southern maryland. came bridge is 91. it's 94 in fredericksburg. 90 in frederick and martinsburg. winchester 92 and lurery and gaithersburg. when you factor in the humidity which is high in the bay you have mid to upper 90s on the heat index values. it feels like 90 here in washington. dew point upper 60s and mostly sunny skies. not much relief yet but a front is coming. you can see it to the west past chicago. the front will move to the east and this one means business, folks. warm through tonight and warm in the morning. the front not much in the way of rain with it. it comes through and may touch off showers to the west in the afternoon and sunday, low pressure starts to ride up the front. clouds and northeast flow. we could have some showers south and east by the
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afternoon. it is going to feel a lot more autumnal. let's talk about the tropics. coming in to nicaragua and heavy rain. the problem is that matthew will be going over land, slowing down. a lot of rainfall is expected across mexico and central america. look at this thing. barely moving and where's it going? the models, they diverse. look at the spread here after a couple of days. some go south. some to the north. some to the gulf. we will have to watch matthew. could activate the turn and come this way next week. also to the u.s. 95 today. 85 tomorrow. looking good for saturday. cooler on sunday at 73 with late showers. more showers on monday and tuesday. temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. a nice change. speaking of change, the fall season has begun here on cbs. earlier we had a chance to talk to a familiar face, tom selleck on a new show he is in. he stars as a family pate i
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can't recollect. he is joining us live from new york. good day to you, tom. how do you like living in new york. i understand the show is shot on location. >> it is, howard. enlook, that's a big plus. there's a lot of things on television that have to pretend they are in new york city. they shoot in l.a. and toronto or vancouver, but we think that new york city is another character in the show, and to be able to shoot here is -- cbs had to spend more money to do it but we are thrilled they did because it is a big plus for the show. >> why did you choose to come back to series tv. you have been doing movies and other things but now a series. >> it was too good of a chance to pass up. i read the script, written by mitch burgess and robin green who wrote and won emmys on the sopranos and it was really good. and it was character driven. i see a lot of procedurals on tv about the procedures cops go through to arrest people, but this show -- the police work is important but it is just as
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important to get to know this irish family of three generations in new york cops. and the script allows the audience to get to know them and i think that is the big strength of our show. >> you talk about the relationships. you have donne wallberg, bridge jet moynihan, some great actors there and this dinner table that brings you guys together from wherever you have been and doing whatever you have been doing. >> the pilot, sunday dinner at the reagans is mandatory for the family and in the pilot for instance you get to know the case and all the problems everybody's having with it. then the audience is in with that. each character's inner life and they all end up at family dinner at the reagans on sunday and it isn't always civil. i remember my family dinnerers and they weren't always civil. i think that will register with people and it's probability going to be a regular occurrence in our show.
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>> great. it airs on the at 10:00 p.m. here on channel 9. stick with us. we are heading to the kitchen after this. "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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welcome back to 9 news. we're in the kip and i'm here
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to tell you that giant food offers more than groceries. they have a gourmet chef on their team and we welcome chef stanley duke. >> good afternoon, dc. >> when i think of giant, i don't think of the term gourmet chef. how did that come about? >> in some of our stores we have chefs and we prepare entrees, salads and party planning also. >> you are in the townsend store. everyone in that area wants chef to do the job for them. what are you preparing this afternoon? >> what we will do is a quick and easy rock fish with a roasted pepper vinaigrette. >> we like quick and easy. it sounds fancy. >> i like this dish. it is quick, easy and pretty healthy. we have oil rock fish and you want to grill them for 3 1/2, 4 minutes on each side, depending on the thickness and you can do this a day ahead of time. >> this is your vinaigrette. >> yes. it is citrus, extra virgin olive oil and arrowmatic
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spices. what you do is when you mix it up. roasted on the grill and get them good and charred. you have the recipe on your website. >> he's good. >> mix them on in the vinaigrette and right on top the fish. which we have done here. >> nice and warm. >> and get peppers on there. >> that looks great. >> as you said this is fast, quick and it's healthy. look at what else you have here. we have the rice and -- >> green beans, rice pilaf over spring mix. and you can use the dressing. >> or just plain if you want to. >> and plated up and vinaigrette on the side. >> we see nice breads down here. you can get this at the local giant. who taught you how to cook. >> i'm a veteran and went to
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cooking school. >> which branch. >> army. >> he is at the townsend in maryland at the giant there and again, you can do anything that you want. you can be the event planner and make it look beautiful. it is quick and easy. the recipe is on come on in, howard. thanks for joining us in with us. howard? >> looking at record heat later on but cooling down over the weekend. you are going to feel autumnal finally by sunday. >> we hear the rest of the rock fish sizzling. so we are anxious to taste. anything else you want to tell us? what do you serve as a dessert with something like this? >> something light. >> in the bakery department. >> thank you for taking such good care of us and thank you for watching us this week. the next news is at 5:00 p.m. check out the news all day long
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at and howard and i will see you monday morning at. >> dark and early 4:25. >> thank you.
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